Paul Moore ( b. 1957 )

Offering to the Sun, 2012 | 12.5 x 42 x 14.5 | bronze, ed. 13/15 | contact gallery


Paul Moore is a fifth generation Oklahoma native and is a member of the Creek Nation.  In fact, Paul’s fascination for Native American culture goes back to his grandfather, who knew Comanche Chief Quanah Parker and regaled the young Paul with stories about the legendary chief.  Moore combined his love of art with history and decided to devote his life to producing sculpture of the American West.  He then spent many years in Santa Fe, New Mexico refining his considerable talent and returned to Oklahoma to bring back the figurative sculpture program at the University of Oklahoma in 1997.

Since that time Moore has done numerous outdoor monumental sculptures that has gained him National acclaim as one of the best realist sculptors in the United States.  He has received some very important commissions for his work that include a portrait of former House Speaker Carl Albert in 2004 and a bust of former President John F. Kennedy for the Kennedy Library in Boston, Massachussetts in 2012.  In addition to these impressive accomplishments, Moore does smaller works and has won three Silver Awards at the Cowboy Artists of America Annual Show and Sale.  Most recently in 2013, Moore won three awards for Offering to the Sun which included the Gold Award for best sculpture, the Ray Swanson Memorial Award, and the Anne Marion Best of Show Award. Paul Moore currently resides in Norman, Oklahoma.