Kyle Polzin ( b. 1974 )


Trailblazer | 44 x 34.5 | oil on canvas | contact gallery

The Chase, 2021 | 17.5 x 22.5 | oil on canvas | contact gallery

Lone Scout | 34 x 35 | oil on canvas | contact gallery

Keeper of the Plains, 2020 | 31 x 26 | oil on canvas | contact gallery


Considered by many to be one of the premier up and coming  Western artists, Kyle Polzin has developed a strong following among patrons and collectors of Western art.  Polzin is the son of an artist and both grandfathers were skilled carpenters.  As a result, his art is characterized by a strong sense of design, precision, and historical accuracy.  Polzin was born in Cuero, Texas and received his formal training at Victoria College in South Texas.  He has also studied with legendary Texas artist Dalhart Windberg.  Most recently, Polzin won the 2012 Huntley Spirit of the West Award at the Masters of the American West Show and Sale at the Autry Museum in Pasadena, California.   This award is given to the most outstanding work in Cowboy subject matter.  Polzin’s shows routinely sell out and he will continue to be one of the most important Western artists to watch for many years to come.