John Coleman ( b. 1949 )


Oracle of the Buffalo Nation, 2021 | 30 x 20 | oil on canvas | contact gallery

Honeymoon at Crow Fair, 2012 | 25.5 x 17 x 8 | bronze, ed. 19/20 | contact gallery

Crazy Horse, 2020 | 27 x 18 x 13 | bronze, ed. 19/20 | contact gallery


Considered by many to be the most important  living documentarian of American Indians in early nineteenth century North America, John Coleman’s sculpture has captured the imagination of numerous patrons and collectors of American Indian sculpture all over the world. Coleman was born in Southern California and attended the well renowned Art Center for Design in Los Angeles.  In 2010 Coleman completed a ten piece series of bronzes commemorating the works of early American explorer artists George Catlin and Karl Bodmer.  In this series, he has meticulously and authentically captured not only the details but the regal qualities of early Indian tribal leaders of such early tribes as the Mandans, the Assiniboines, and the Hidatsas.  Coleman is a member of three prestigious socieites for art; the Cowboy Artists of America, the National Academy of Western Art, and the National Sculpture Society.  He has won two gold and two silver awards as a Cowboy Artist of America, the Fraser Award for best sculpture at the Prix de West in 2009, and the Norris Foundation Award for Sculpture at the Masters of the American West Show and Sale in 2010 at the Autry Museum in Pasadena, California.