Grant Redden

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One of the rising stars in Western art, Grant Redden has begun to establish himself as a leading visual documentarian of the American West.  Redden’s exposure to the West began early, having been raised in Southwest Wyoming.  In addition, Redden’s father was a foreman for one of the largest sheep ranches in the state totalling 21,000 head.  As a result, Grant became intensively interested in and familiar with the habits of horses in particular, and learned to capture their individual characteristics and personalities.  Redden is largely self taught but his talents were further enhanced through instruction by such top tier Western artists as Jim Norton and Walt Gonske.  In addition, Redden has been influenced by such historic masters as Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargent, and Nicolai Fechin.  Redden has developed a classical illustrator style similar to such Western illustrator greats as Charles Schreyvogel, Frank Tenney Johnson, and Herbert Dunton.  In only his third year as a Cowboy Artist of America member, Redden has captured two Gold Awards in 2013 and 2014 for best oil painting.  Grant Redden and his wife currently reside in Hillard, Wyoming.