David Halbach ( b. 1931 )

The Forewarning, 2003 | 20 x 29 | watercolor on paper | contact gallery


David Halbach, like so many of his fellow artists, began drawing as a child and never stopped.  He also realized at a young age that he would never pursue a career as a doctor or lawyer, and so a career as an artist seemed like a natural fit.  He entered the well respected Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles.  When he finished his studies, he got a job working as an animator for Disney Studios and worked on the movie Lady and the Tramp.  Halbach finally decided to leave California and moved to Arizona, where he could devote himself more completely to producing fine art, and was able to have his work featured in increasingly more prestigious galleries.  His notoreity led him to being accepted as a full member of the Cowboy Artists of America in 1985.  Today, Halbach ranks among the finest watercolorists in Western Art, and has won an impressive ten Gold Awards and seven Silver Awards at the Cowboy Artists of America Annual Show and Sale.