Bob Scriver ( 1914 – 1999 )

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Born in Browning, Montana in the heart of the Blackfoot Indian Reservation, Bob Scriver was the son of a licensed Indian Trader.  All of Scriver’s friends were Blackfoot Indians.  When he wasn’t doing art, he honed his skills as a top marksman.  In addition, he became a professional musician touring with top bands throughout the Northwest and Canada in the fifties.

He later got involved in taxidermy and it was as a taxidermist that he began modeling and casting miniature animal figures.  In his first show of his work in Northridge, California, his entire set of 16 bronzes sold.

Scriver became a full member of the Cowboy Artists of America in 1967 and became an academician of the National Academy of Western Art in 1973.  He went on to win four gold medals and two silver medals at the Cowboy Artists annual show for best sculpture over the course of his distinguished career.