Bill Owen

Featured Work ( 1942 – 2013 )


Born in Gila Bend, Arizona, Bill Owen had two desires in life; to become a cowboy and an artist.  Like many aspiring artists, Owen developed a proficiency for drawing that would later serve him well in his oil paintings.  He began working on ranches after high school to acquire the authentic experience of ranch life so essential in depicting the western lifestyle. 

Owen has drawn widespread acclaim for his work, having exhibited his work at the Grand Palais in France and at the Western Art Show in Beijing, China.  He has won the coveted Stetson Award for the best overall exhibition at the Cowboy Artists of America annual show four times. 

In his own words, Owen maintained that “drawing, color, subject matter, and composition are the ingredients for a good painting.” In addition, Owen strived to depict his cowboy subjects accurately and with integrity.  Drawing, he maintained, is the chief component of any great painting and without it you have nothing.  When viewing any Bill Owen painting, these elements are clearly evident.